Five Week Boundary Program

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Life has become significantly more demanding. We are asked to do much more with the same amount of time due to societal, technological, economic, and unforeseen changes.

The many dimensions of our life – family, friendships, work, health, spirituality, finances, and personal growth all require our attention. In our efforts to do it all, and be a “good” partner, parent, child, employee, and friend, we often feel overwhelmed and distracted.

Over time, we can become disconnected from our own needs, desires and Self. This makes it difficult to create the life we truly want.

Boundary Signals

If you have repeatedly felt any of the following:

  • Overwhelmed, with not enough work/life balance and time for your Self
  • Distracted and unable to prioritize your own needs and life goals
  • Resentment, guilt or anxiety in your relationships
  • Saying yes to things when you really want to say NO
  • Responsible for things and situations that are not yours
  • Depleted from being pulled in too many directions, and perhaps being taken advantage of by others
  • Not being treated with the respect and consideration you deserve

Then learning the skill of boundary setting would be invaluable for you.

Program Benefits

Over the past 20 years working with clients (and in my own life), I have seen how clients’ lives have transformed once they began setting the boundaries they needed to create the life and relationships they wanted.

Boundary setting is powerful and takes some courage! Bringing my expertise in identifying, setting and maintaining boundaries and live coaching weekly, you will come away from this course with greater knowledge and confidence in your Self, and in your ability to set healthy boundaries.

Learning How to Set Boundaries Helps YOU:

  • Prioritize your own needs and wants, so you do more of what is important to You
  • Protect your time and physical and mental energy for greater work/life balance and overall well-being
  • Create healthy, reciprocal and more fulfilling relationships
  • Increase your confidence – as you now honor your limits, stand up for your Self, and no longer allow others to take advantage
  • Increase your sense of control and decrease your stress
  • Gain clarity about what is and isn’t your responsibility
  • Be true to your values, standards and unique life-style
  • Live your Own Life, not the life others’ or society expects

Often, we may know we need to set a boundary with someone or in a particular situation, however we find ourselves, for various reasons, not doing it. This course will reveal the key obstacles that prevent people from setting healthy boundaries, and how you can overcome these. You will gain a deeper understanding of what specifically is making it difficult (or seemingly impossible) for You.

Dr. Gionta is a clinical psychologist, and an executive and life coach, with over 20 years of experience. She has a diverse professional background in psychology, coaching, business and health. In her coaching and psychology business, Dr. Dana works with individuals on areas related to relationships, personal and professional boundaries, career challenges, self-care, and life transitions. Dr. Gionta is the co-author of the book “From Stressed to Centered: A Practical Guide to a Healthier and Happier You,” and speaks nationally on topics related to boundary setting, work/life balance, employee wellbeing and self-renewal.