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Virtual therapy and coaching in Nevada and Beyond for individuals
who want to thrive in their relationships, career, and life.


Feeling alive, joyful, and excited about your life and future?

You used to feel this way.

You had a bounce in your step, a smile on your face – and it felt good to be alive!

Life was filled with possibilities.

What Happened?

You’re not sure.

All the responsibilities and life pressures weigh you down.

Unexpected detours take you far from your goals and dreams.

The ongoing voice in your head with many “shoulds,” self-comparisons, regrets, and “if-onlys” make you second-guess each decision.

You’re smart and resourceful – and can’t figure this out.


You say “Yes,” when you really want to yell, “No!”

Others’ needs and wants come first. You feel pulled in too many directions.

You know you should set a boundary – however, fear and anxiety take over each time you think about doing it.

In your 40s

Life is passing you by. This is not the life you envisioned.

So many dreams you still long to pursue, but you feel stuck and afraid.

You need to make a change. You know it deep within.

There’s the fear again.

You wonder where do you even start.

cash in the shape of a heart

As a leader…

Greg* feels like an imposter in his position. He worries if he is presenting with enough confidence and knowledge. Surely, someone is going to find out he doesn’t belong there.

*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.

As a leader…

Diane* is doing her best to exceed senior leaders’ expectations and advance quickly. Working late evenings and weekends to meet deadlines leaves her feeling stressed with no work/life balance. She wants to set some workplace boundaries; however, she’s afraid to bring this up to her boss.

*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.

As a leader…

Kevin* has received excellent performance reviews and positive feedback from his boss over the past 18 months. Talking to his boss about a deserved promotion and a salary increase makes his heart race and palms sweat. It’s important he feels the company values him and is fair. He loves his position yet is frustrated and may explore other opportunities.

*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.

This is where I come in.

We’ll partner together and explore what has been happening, how you hold yourself back – the self-criticism, fear, and false beliefs that limit you and your world.

We’ll identify your strengths and build on them.

You’ll replace unhelpful habits like worry, perfectionism, and self-doubt with confidence- building strategies and mindfulness tools.

And learn new skills, like setting healthy boundaries in your relationships and career.

Through this journey, you’ll discover what lights you up with energy, joy, and passion as you reconnect with your deepest needs and values.

We will create your new path forward together.

Start the journey today to be the You that you deserve.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Dana

I’m a clinical psychologist and coach – and love the work I do.

It is my life’s purpose to help you become your best self and take courageous action toward your goals and dreams.

It’s a privilege to walk on this personal journey together as you reconnect with who you are, how you feel, and what you deeply want for your life.

We will use these as guides toward helping you overcome unhelpful patterns, feelings, and beliefs, as we develop ways to help you feel like you are living your best life – as your best self.

You deserve happiness and peace, and to feel confident in your Self and excited about your future.

If you are ready to make changes, and want to thrive in your relationships, career, and life – then it’s time to courageously reach out.

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