Life with anxiety can be disorienting and distressing.

Racing thoughts about a million things and endless worries about everything – your family, health, money, work, the dog.

You wonder how others can be so calm and relaxed while you feel like your body has been hijacked. Suddenly your heart is beating faster, and it feels harder to breathe.

Spiraling thoughts whirl around your mind, like, “Am I getting lightheaded?” “I’m going to pass out” “What’s happening to me?” Then waves of panic start. You may feel like crying, running, or both.

Others don’t seem to understand.

Relax. Calm down. Stop worrying. You’ve been told this your whole life. It’s frustrating to hear. You’ve tried really hard, yet you cannot just relax.

Others say that’s just the way you are. You wonder if they’re right. Yet you can’t imagine going through the rest of your life feeling this way.

You want to have peace of mind and feel in control of your body and life again. Not weighed down by worries and angst.

Therapy can help you.

Therapy helps you understand how your mind works and how anxiety affects both the mind and the body.

You’ll feel empowered with this knowledge. And regain a sense of control.

You will develop new skills and cultivate a healthier relationship with your thoughts and your Self that will transform your experience of anxiety. The cycle of fear will be broken.

I understand individuals with anxiety.

I’ve spent years working with clients struggling with anxiety related to their relationships, career issues, health concerns, or life transitions.

I also experienced anxiety during different periods in my own life, including losses, courageous life changes, and health issues.

Through our therapy together, your peace of mind and ability to enjoy life will be restored – as you can now skillfully address anxiety-provoking situations and symptoms with confidence. You will be in charge of You and your life again!

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