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I work with high-achieving business professionals, family business owners, and entrepreneurs motivated to grow as leaders and human beings, offering them a unique, trusted relationship that enhances their personal and professional capacity for leadership and performance.

Executive Coach Las Vegas NevadaYou’re at the executive level or founded your own business…

You love what you do, but the pace is fast.

You are busy… REALLY busy.

There are the reports, the meetings, the budgets, the decisions, the deadlines… and pressure.

Plus, there are big challenges without easy solutions – ones that are hard to crack.

But you and your team perform beyond expectations. You feel like you’re thriving (most of the time).

You’re in the game, but you believe you can do better.

Deep inside, you know that you are more capable than what your results show. You KNOW that you have more potential.

You may have tried DIY change. You may have even made some headway… but not to the extent you want.

You want to take your leadership and business to the next level, but you’re unsure what to do differently to get those next-level results.

A coach is what you’ve been missing!

Executive coaching is a strategic investment in yourself… in your potential… in your future.

As your executive coach in Las Vegas, I’ll act as your sounding board, confidante, and accountability partner. I’ll work with you to develop an actionable path forward to get from where you are to where you want to be.

We’ll build on your strengths and identify skill gaps needed for growth. I’ll help you see your blind spots… as well as your possibilities and potential. I see you as a whole person with a multifaceted life.

I’ll inspire you to challenge yourself – to move beyond your comfort zone and realize what you’re truly capable of.

As in sports, having a great coach that supports, challenges, and holds you accountable leads to an “I never imagined I/we could do it” performance.

This gives you the results you want… and some that you haven’t even dreamt of yet!

As a psychologist, I can give you what others often can’t:

Accelerated growth and performance!

I know how the mind works, what motivates us, and what holds us back.

I can integrate into our work psychological principles, human behavior expertise, and deep knowledge of the coaching process to help you think and act differently.

And that’s what leads to the lasting change you’re looking for!

Executive Coaching Las VegasLet’s work together to help you and your business with…

Developing your executive presence and leadership…

Through cultivating greater emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and contextual awareness.

Onboarding support and skill development…

This will help you successfully manage the new responsibilities and challenges of the position with greater ease and confidence.

Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries…

Doing this at work and home will keep you healthy, stave off burnout, and foster a work-life balance that uniquely suits you.

Navigating tricky political landscapes or organizational cultures…

Strategic approaches and courageous communication will support you in dealing with challenging professional situations.

Resolving conflict and communication in your family business…

Broadening perspective, deepening understanding, and new ways of connecting allow for healing and resolution of often longstanding conflict.

You deserve to be the leader you know can be. Your greater potential awaits.

Ready to invest in yourself and decide to really get the results you want?

Call (702) 444-0601 or email me today.

Here’s what other executives have said about the experience:

“Dana is an excellent coach who I have had the good fortune of working with on my personal and professional goals. After setting those goals, she helped me to focus on making continual progress, identify obstacles and find solutions. By combining practical strategies along with mutual respect and a sense of humor, Dana has helped me gain a greater awareness of my strengths and the areas that I can continue to focus on and improve. Having what I consider to be expertise in the areas of emotional intelligence and self-care, Dana’s approach to coaching is not only effective, it is also sustainable, positive and healthy.”

– John Pagliuca, Director, Faculty and Staff Support, Yale University

“I am very grateful for our coaching sessions together – they were empowering, confirming, insightful, and challenging on many levels. Our coaching helped me to evaluate important areas of strength as well as areas of growth, particularly about how I was responding (or not) to situations as a woman in a leadership position, with a challenging supervisory relationship. I believe I became a better person, employee and leader as a result of my wonderful experience working with you.”

– Tiffany Talley, Senior Development Officer, “The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp”

“I hired Dana as an executive coach to help grow in my business and in my personal life. She is highly knowledgeable in her field of work, and at the same time is capable of quickly understanding her clients’ needs. Our work together has helped me gain clarity, make difficult decisions, lead with greater transparency, and strengthen my business relationships. As a result, over the past two years that I have worked with her, I have more than tripled my company sales and profits. I am grateful to have found her, and I look forward to continuing on a path of growth professionally and personally. I highly recommend Dana to anyone that is serious about growing on all levels.”

– George Germano, Director and Owner, “Visiting Angels” Living Assistance