Boundaries in the Workplace, Relationships, and Life – Las Vegas

Boundaries Workshop Las VegasIn relationships.

Do you feel overwhelmed from being pulled in so many directions?

You want to say “no” but find your Self saying “yes.”

Fear of disappointing others or perhaps their negative reactions gets in the way.

You feel anxious, guilty, and sometimes even selfish when you think about setting a boundary with others – especially those closest to you.

In life.

You want more time for your Self, your well-being, and your interests yet the demands and pressures of work get in the way.

There are creative projects and passions you long to pursue…

And to do more of what brings you joy and peace – whether with family, friends, or on your own.

You find yourself caught in either having the time and not the energy or having the energy and not enough time.

You know you need to set some boundaries in the workplace, yet the thought of doing so brings up much anxiety and self-doubt. What will your co-workers, team, or boss think?

Boundaries Coach Las VegasIn business.

You started your own business to have more control over your schedule, freedom, and work/life balance.

Yet you find yourself working 12 to 14 hour days and needing to be available and “on” 24/7 for your clients, employees, and others.

There’s increasing stress and distractions, and you often cannot get to what’s most important to you and your business.

You’re smart and successful… and know something needs to change.

Coaching and therapy can help you.

Together, we develop goals and get clear on what successful coaching or therapy would look like for you.

Each will help you learn the skills needed to identify, set, and maintain healthy boundaries in all areas of your life.

And how to effectively deal with the anxiety, guilt, and selfish feelings that often arise when we attempt to set boundaries.

Together, we will do the deep emotional work of identifying your unique blocks, so you can have more joy, peace, and balance in your relationships and life.

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How Healthy Boundaries Build Trust in the Workplace