Individual Therapy

Remember when…

You felt relaxed, confident, and excited about your future.

Life was filled with possibilities, and change wasn’t so scary.

You’re not sure what happened – the pressures of work and family feel overwhelming, with many decisions to be made. Looking back, there’s regret.

Life feels harder and more uncertain now, and the anxious moments are more frequent.

You want to make changes, yet it feels scary. And what you have tried hasn’t worked.

You wonder how you can get back to feeling good again and positive about your future.

Individual therapy is life’s safe zone.

It is a sacred space – a space just for you, without interruption. To be exactly who you are in that moment and to feel and share your pain, fear, shame, confusion, joy, pride, dreams, and wonder of self-discovery.

It is a safe space. Judgment is replaced with compassion, kindness, and curiosity. Together, we’ll search for and find your unique answers.

Through this healing journey and adventure at times – you will reconnect with your Self and uncover your deep needs, desires, and dreams for your life.

As you regain trust in yourself, you will feel more centered in your decisions and navigate life with greater ease and confidence.

In our sessions together…

I will listen carefully, ask powerful questions, and share what I see and hear you do well and what gets in the way.

My foundation in self-care, healthy boundaries and mind-body-spirit approaches will help you discover insights that lead to transformation.

As you shed old ways of being and thinking that no longer serve you, develop new skills, and gain a stronger sense of Self, a brighter and more authentic version of YOU appears.

Often, at the end of sessions, I will give a brief homework assignment or an experiment (of sorts) to apply what we’ve talked about, so our time in between sessions is beneficial.

We will identify and leverage your strengths and develop other skills to help you better address both current and future challenges. You will feel more empowered as you navigate your relationships, career, and life.

A brighter You and Future awaits.

Take the Journey to Rediscover Your Best Self.

Reach out for a free 20-minute consultation, schedule an appointment, and let’s get started.

Here are several clients’ experiences…

“Dr. Gionta has taught me a lifetime’s worth of wisdom in our time working together. She has shown me healthier approaches to living, and helped me balance a life that had fallen way off-center. She has encouraged me to challenge msyelf, to push past anxieties and old, unhealthy patterns to discover and honor myself in all areas of life. With Dr. Gionta’s help, I am learning to really live, enjoy and own MY life.”

– Diane W.

“Dr. Dana is an exceptional psychologist! I’m so grateful to have had her for my therapy sessions for more than a year. I always feel better after each discussion. She has so much valuable experience and is great at sharing insights on what I’m experiencing, and trends that she sees that other people are experiencing. That helps me navigate my own challenges! Also I love that she is a coach. She employs coaching techniques also in our sessions. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants help and is interested in working with a therapist.”

– Russ T.

“Working with you has been life changing for me. I feel so lucky to have found you and worked with you. Thank you for everything you have done for me.”

– Anna L.