As the Christmas holiday closely approaches (instead of descends upon us;), let us remember to:

  • Be gentle with our Selves. We are all doing the best we can ❤️
  • Give our Selves permission to rest, and take some time for ourselves. It will allow the best version of ourselves to show up, and be present.
  • Set a healthy boundary with family members, friends, and others – and honor our own needs, instead of always putting others’ needs above ours.
  • Let our Selves experience Joy without an ounce of guilt. Life is short, and each holiday with loved ones present this year, is a gift.
  • Be open to Receiving the unique gifts this extraordinary Christmas during a pandemic might bring…whatever that may be for you.

Wishing you all a Christmas and holiday season filled with love, grace, laughter, and special memories ❤️????

Merry Christmas!

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