Recently I was told by a former client that I had forever changed her life, her future, and that of her family. It was a very touching, powerful, and affirming moment for us both. This is why I love the work that I do.

She made the courageous change to leave medicine and become a teacher. Confronting the reality of how unhappy she was in her current profession took tremendous courage and honesty with her Self.

Below are only some of the reasons why making a change – even when we know it is right, is hard and requires much courage. It is a value I encourage my clients to cultivate throughout their lives.

To make this change and follow her heart first required facing the truth of how unhappy she was. Then disappointing family members who had different expectations of her, and grappled with the self-judgments that she was a quitter and had made a bad career decision. This included ‘wasting’ much money on an advanced degree she no longer would use.

And dealing with tremendous guilt about letting down her medical colleagues, and leaving them with increased responsibilities & patients with her departure. It also required putting her Self and her happiness first – something she had never done before and felt selfish. And navigating the overwhelming Fear of sharing her truth with others, dealing with their reactions, and facing the unknown of her future.

She was experiencing significant anxiety and panic at the time, which impeded her ability to think clearly and see the many possibilities for her life. She felt trapped as a result. This exacerbated the anxiety.

Therapy and coaching are invaluable in helping one navigate through such a storm of emotions with courage, honesty, and self-acceptance.

As the mind calms, possibilities are seen, clarity follows, then powerful action.

Anxiety is often a signal for us to pay attention, and listen more closely to our Selves. Our answer is often within. With the right support, guidance, tools, and knowledge – we are able to make courageous life changes we never imagined were possible.

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