Often, there are many competing demands for our time and attention. The pressure to succeed – whatever that may look like for you, and to accomplish our goals and to become a better person is ever present. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by it all, and wonder what’s really important, and where to focus our energy. It can be confusing and stressful to sort through and uncover our truth around this.

I recently had a personal experience that felt spiritual. I was attending a virtual event around increasing our visibility and influence. As we were sharing the inherent challenges many experienced around this, the theme of self-acceptance and the emotion of fear frequently arose. We all want to belong, fit in and be accepted, and avoid judgement and rejection. Unexpectedly, as I was listening, this extraordinary wave of love washed over me, and around me, and the wisdom revealed in that moment was that “In the end, it’s all about Love. We are love – and meant to embody love for our Selves and be a loving presence for others. That is ultimately why we are here.” This was a very powerful experience as you might imagine.

Ways to Embrace this Wisdom

Take a moment and consider how this wisdom resonates for you. Does this connect with your inner truth? Ask your Self, “how well am I able to think, show and feel Love for my Self?” On a scale of 1-10, where would you say you are now. No judgment, just bring awareness and love:) What is one small action you can take to think or act in a more loving way toward your Self?

Identify several ways you are a loving presence to others in your life. Consider asking one or two loved ones how they feel and experience your love for them. Is it through words, actions, the way you look at them, the attention given? What helps you feel loving, and what are some things that get in the way of being a loving presence? Are you at times more of a worried or distracted presence?

This week, consider what opening your heart a little more to your Self and others look like. Imagine how your life might change if you were to shift your time and attention toward Love …and like a sunflower, lean toward its light!:)

From my heart to yours,

Dr. Dana

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