Our relationship with our selves is the most important relationship we’ll ever have in our lives. How we treat ourselves is often reflective of how we likely treat others. If we are kind to and supportive of ourselves, we will show others this caring behavior also. If we judge ourselves with “shoulds” and “have tos,” or hold ourselves to unrealistic standards, it’s very likely we will do this with others in our lives. 

Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship with Yourself:
  • Do you more often give your Self the gift of compassion and acceptance or the weight of self-judgment? 
  • Do you talk to your Self in kind and respectful ways, like a good friend, or harshly, often with hurtful words? 
  • Do you listen to and honor your feelings or judge them (or yourself for having such feelings), and try to push them away? 
  • Do you make time for your Self to relax, renew, laugh, have fun, and enjoy the many beautiful gifts life has to offer? Or do you prioritize responsibilities and obligations, and squeeze in YOU time at the end of the day, if possible? 

When you begin caring for your Self in nurturing ways, something magical starts to happen. Like seeds planted in a beautiful garden, with each step, or kind thought – you are cultivating a positive and loving connection with You. Over time, the gifts of this begin to unfold.

Next Steps

This week, have some fun and pretend you have an imaginary friend with you wherever you go ???? What would she/he notice about your relationship with your Self – kindness, positivity, and humor sprinkled throughout your days? Or more judgments, blame, and self-comparisons happening? Identify one small action you can take to create a more loving friendship with your Self.

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