Certain professions are more mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding than others. Health care is one of them. It is important to care for your Self and be mindful not to let yourself get depleted. This serves no one, least of all you.

Taking care of your Self is the perfect area to begin to set boundaries. Caring for your Self as a health provider, who is required to give so much each day, requires daily renewal. This is especially vital during extraordinarily high-stress times like the Coronavirus.

Self-care behaviors can be anything that helps rest your mind and recharge your body. You can start by carving out some time each morning for self-care. Take a walk, journal, stretch, meditate, read inspirational sayings or engage in activities you find nourishing. The key is to choose activities that bring you peace or joy. This will make it more likely that you will get the full benefits of the physical and mental break. Then schedule a 10-15 minute break mid-morning and another in the afternoon. Lunchtime is another opportunity for getting additional quality time with your Self. You can do this by setting boundaries, and making it non-work-related talk, drama-free and low-stress. Aim to leave 10-15 minutes at the end of the day, if possible, for additional self-care. Make it a priority. Take a walk, call a friend and laugh, look at photos of a special moment, and listen to your favorite music or comedy.

These regular self-renewal breaks are critical to prevent you from feeling depleted at the end of the day, with nothing left for your Self or your family. You both deserve better. We are not meant to bring our best selves to work and have nothing left for every other part of our one precious Life, and our families. This is a surefire path to burnout, illness, or deep unhappiness.

Many organizations are not prioritizing their employees’ well-being, and expect them to do more with less. They often employ guilt or fear tactics to get employee compliance. This is unhealthy, and over time will have a direct impact on both the employee’s well-being and the organization’s performance. The research is very clear on the importance of employee wellbeing and the direct impact it has on organizational performance.

We cannot leave it to our employers to be the keeper of our wellbeing. That is similar to making others responsible for our happiness. Well-being unfortunately is not one of the primary objectives of many organizations – with the exception of the most progressive and enlightened. It is up to us to care for and protect our own Well-being.

To setting boundaries for greater well-being!


Dr. Dana

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