In this moment in time, there are many diverse stressors – the pandemic, political uncertainty, societal unrest, and ongoing environmental challenges that can lead us to perceiving our life and the world with gray colored glasses. It is often easier to focus on what is problematic or causing us distress, as our minds attach more readily to negative emotional stimuli. Sometimes we unconsciously gravitate to people or situations that create drama. When we do this, we are limiting our vision and only seeing part of our reality. This often leads us to feeling down, drained, or less than by often only seeing what’s not working or what we don’t have.

What if, instead, we thought of this as a habit that we’ve gotten into, that is no longer serving us. And decide to shift towards seeing our reality with a more balanced, truer perspective.

Some ways we can shift our perspective:

  • Let’s bring increased attention to our thoughts, and notice when we are having a negative perspective about a person/situation. First, identify the negative perspective. Then let’s shift to the “realm of possibility” and ask ourselves, “What is a more neutral interpretation of this?” For example, “This situation could go either way, there’s no way to accurately predict the future.” And, how might we possibly think about this same situation in a positive way? Each time we find ourselves thinking negatively, let’s practice the “realm of possibility” thinking – by also holding in our mind a neutral and positive perspective as well. Observe the wonders that begin to happen when you do this.
  • Take a moment and think about all the people, gifts, and experiences you have in your life now that you are grateful for. Perhaps it is your health and the health of your loved ones over the past 6 months. Or the advanced technology that enables you to stay connected with those you love. As you reflect on what you’re grateful for, the deeper benefits come by letting your Self really feel the joy, wonder, and peace of such blessings in your life. A gift of gratitude is that it can shift our perspective in that moment! It doesn’t require doing it regularly to receive positive benefits ????
  • Give your mind and body a rest, and re-center your Self through a short 10-minute meditation. As we feel calmer, our perspective will often naturally shift, without even trying. How helpful is that! If you are feeling down, overwhelmed, or being judgmental towards your Self or others, pause and do a brief meditation, and notice how your mood and energy is afterwards. To help you get started, here is a wonderful 10-minute meditation I recently discovered that combines one of the practices above.

This week, decide which of the suggestions above you’d like to try, and when you feel like your perspective needs a lift, do it! If you can try it several times over the week, even better. And notice any shifts in your mood and energy as well.

Please get in touch with me at, if you would like more support and know you want to make some important life changes. Moving forward can be challenging at times, however, feeling more empowered and happier in our lives is worth it! We can have a relaxed conversation and decide where to go from there.

Tune into my podcast this Thursday where I’ll talk more about shifting our perspectives, and share stories in my clients’ lives and my own about the rewards that come as we do this. See you there!

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