Several years after moving to CT, I felt a desire to relocate eventually to another part of the country. I thought it would be helpful to go and visit different parts of the U.S. to gain more clarity. I was most interested in the south or the west coast. However, that would require taking more extended time away from my business, four to five weeks. I had concerns and significant fear at the time, as it felt like quite a risk to my business. Would I lose a third or half of my clients if I did so?

I found myself deliberating about this for a while, and fear arose each time I thought about planning the trip. In 2010, I noticed an increasing desire to relocate and began exploring possibilities. Yet it still felt like a big risk!

I recognized the fear and knew that often the best way to overcome it is to take action, and ultimately face our fear. I decided to hire a coach to help me process my feelings, explore my options, and connect with my courage to take what felt like a leap at the time. The coaching was incredibly helpful, and several months later I decided to take the risk and honor my spirit’s leanings. It was an empowering and positive experience filled with excitement, fear, curiosity, wonder, stress – and ultimately much gratitude that I took the leap.

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