How rarely do we ask our Selves, “what nourishes me”? We go about our day, our life, without really thinking about what nourishes our spirit, our heart. Often, our spirit whispers to us what it wants, what soothes and uplifts. However, for various reasons, we don’t act on it. No judgment, just curious as to what gets in the way of listening, and honoring whatever comes up. Sometimes we may feel it’s selfish to give to our Selves, or we’re not worthy of receiving what we want. These beliefs are unhealthy and disconnect us from what nourishes us. 

Attending to what nourishes us – what we need – is especially challenging during the holidays. We are often pulled in many different directions, with increased demands and an endless to-do during this time. If you are not yet clear on what is nourishing to you, start by asking your Self, “What do I need… at this moment?” Then listen closely, and do your best to honor it.  

I always knew I was nourished by nature’s beauty, whether it be the ocean, mountains, rainforest, sunset, etc. Even as a child, I was drawn to colors.  At one point, when I was recovering from an illness, I intuitively knew being in nature for an extended period of time would be healing. And it was, much more than I ever imagined!

Wonderings about Your Own Nourishment:

The holidays can be a wonderful time to intentionally slow down, and notice what brings you joy, and peace, or lifts your spirit. Perhaps it’s sitting in front of the fireplace, and taking in the beautiful holiday decorations and lights. Consider writing what you discover down, and reflect on which ones you can bring into your life now, not one day…

Have fun, and experiment by experiencing different activities, places, and people – engage all your senses – and see which ones catch your spirit’s fancy. Do you feel calm, positive, and energized? Those are valuable signs! Enjoy the discovery process.  

Ask your body, heart, or spirit, perhaps while on a walk, while journaling, or during a meditation/prayer, what nourishes it, and what it really needs. 

What’s nourishing to me? 

Being outdoors and surrounded by nature’s beauty, vibrant colors, music, dancing, journaling, reading something inspirational, traveling and experiencing new cultures, good conversations, and laughter with friends. What about You? 

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