Here Are 6 Top Reasons:


If the organization values productivity and the bottom line above all else, with a “do more with less” philosophy, employees will likely have significant difficulties creating healthy boundaries for themselves related to work/life balance and general wellbeing.

Some organizational cultures communicate one message and reinforce another. An example of this is employee well-being. Employees are expected to take care of their health and wellbeing, however not on company time.


If others’ expectations and beliefs differ from yours (i.e. they believe work/life balance reduces productivity, and employees should be available 24/7), negotiating those differences with the intent to create healthier boundaries for yourselfwill be challenging.  Misperceptions, conflict around differences in beliefs, and fundamental attribution error will contribute to the challenge in setting boundaries.


Many of us are afraid if that if we set boundaries at work, it may be received negatively, and we risk:

  • Upsetting or angering our boss or co-worker
  • Receiving a negative performance evaluation
  • Potentially even losing our position or being demoted

We want to be a good employee or team member, and meet the role expectations of our boss or employer. Setting boundaries at work may feel like we are going against the norm, that we are disappointing others, or upsetting the status quo, and can lead to us feeling guilty or uncomfortable.


If work is primary in our life, with our sense of our self connected to doing a great job, being needed, or the ‘go to’ person –beginning to set boundaries will likely feel threatening. It will require a shift in how we have come to define ourselves.


We often have beliefs about what high performance looks like, and what it takes to be successful.  For some, it is working 50-65 hours a week, and working late nights and weekends. For others, it is being the “first one in in the am, and last one to leave” and being available to clients 24/7, including vacations.

Learning to set healthy work boundaries often begins by examining our beliefs and values, and determining whether they are truly enhancing our wellbeing and performance – both at work and in our life.

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